Junior Kino “Transportation”

A Teaser for a German ‘Nickelodeon-type’ channel. Winner of a Telly Award and an International TV Programming Award

Vitamin Beverage “Inventor”

I got to write Bullwinkle schtick!

See the Storyboard

Wild World

“Wild World” a film production company, was fond of my characters and asked if they could be incorporated into their animated logo

Burger King “Chicken Whopper”

The idea for this spot was originally created for Coca-Cola (which only aired in Europe). Later, the agency got permission from Coke to re-use our concept for Burger King. So our clucking chickens marched for two major clients. It’s also the recipient of 2 Telly Awards.

See Both Spots

Gallo “Big Man”

Winner of a Hiroshima International Animation Festival Award, 1st Prize at the World Animation Celebration and an official selection at CANNES

Logo Interruptus

Our original animated logo – a Hiroshima International Animation Festival winner

Louisiana Lottery “Mr. Impatient”

The Bauerlein Advertising agency in Louisiana wanted to do something different in lottery promotion. We were given no storyboards, designs or concepts except some funny rough scripts. We then cast the voices, created storyboards, designed characters and animated the five spots including sound design and the print campaign. Winner of 3 Telly Awards and an Advertising Club of New York ‘ANDY’ Award.

The results for the Louisiana Lottery were . . .

Energizer “Max”

A combo of CG and real animation.

(*co-produced with Method Studios)

See more Energizer

CA Dept. of Public Health “Crocodile Tears”

Here is an animated and print campaign we originated for the California Dept. of Health Services (now the Dept. of Public Health). Philip Morris, in their suit against the state of California, named our spots as “unduly influencing” the voters of California against the tobacco industry.

Good for us.

Winner of a Clio Award, a US International Film & TV Award and a Chicago International TV Award

see more ‘Croc’ spots

Honda UK “Crazy Sensible”

Wieden-Kennedy, London, was familiar with our work with George Carlin (especially “It’s No Bullsh*t!”) and asked us to revisit the comic strip panel style for Honda.

And here are the results – plus MORE

Winner of 2 Telly Awards, US International Film & TV Award, Chicago International TV Award, NY International Film & TV Award and a Mobius Award

“Wild About Anchorage”

A CLIO Award winning take on “A Chorus Line” (with a salute to Bob Fosse) for the Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau.

NEW INFO in the Comments below

and great background info HERE

US Forest Service “Smokey ‘n da Boyz”

Chicago International TV Award winner

Parco “Grand Chance”

A Christmas announcement for the prodigious department store PARCO in Tokyo. We also created extensive package design for the promotion (plates, watches, cups, glasses, body soap, blankets, posters and more). A Telly Award winner.

CA Dept. of Public Health “I Know, I Know”

This package of spots has the highest response rating over all other spots (including live action) for the CA Dept. of Public Health anti-smoking campaign. Winner of 2 Telly Awards

See More of our ‘Quitting’ hero

Kitty Salmon “Foolish Cat”

Most people think the ‘Kitty Salmon’ spots are a put-on. That they are not real commercials.

Yeah, the ARE actual commercials even though they also ran as theatrical shorts in theaters in the Boston area.

Chicago International TV Award winner

Kitty Salmon “Underwater Kitty”

Our intrepid Kitty ventures forth in search for Salmon.

A follow up to “Foolish Cat”

Acura “Airbag”

Featuring the voice of Dennis Miller

Comcast “Santa”

Santa and the Sex Pistols come together for the Holidays

Kemps “Spoonz ‘n Yogurt”

Telly Award winner

CA Dept. of  Public Health “Nic, A Teen”

Winner of 2 AAF Awards, an IBA Award and a Chicago International TV Award

Chevron “Dinosaur”

4-Time AAF Award winner, IBA Award. The Chevron campaign also won Clio and Belding Awards and Advertising Age called it the best oil company campaign in 20 years.

See the original Storyboard

Lincoln Park Zoo “It’s Brand New”

Chicago International TV ‘HUGO’ Award winner

Great ‘Zoo’ comments on YouTube!

Multigroup Insurance “Waiting Room”

A film made for a small group of doctors in Boston

Levi’s “Threads”

Clio Award winner

3 Responses to “COMMERCIALS”

  1. Jon Pierracos Says:

    Great animations! Sure would like to see the Chevron “Health Club” commercial.

  2. Jon Pierracos Says:

    That’s too bad…I have a couple of the hand painted cels from that commercial. Also have 1 from the “Dinosaurs” commercial!

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